How can I view my invoice?

Invoices can be viewed in the Account Manager under the “Invoices” tab. This month’s invoice will be at the top of the list, but you can also access invoices from previous months on that page. Please note that if changes have been requested to your invoice past the first of the month, there might be additional invoices generated for a single billing period. You can also refer to the “Summary” tab to understand the full balance of what you currently owe.

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    Claire Cousins

    Where can I find the Account Manager tab? Apologies - I'm new so still navigating the site!

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    Sorry, but I couldn't find any "Account Manager" tab in the app as well. Can you please add a simple link?

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    WeWork Yan’an Dong Lu Community Management

    Hello WeWorkers!

    On the member network homepage, you'll see your name at the upper right hand corner, next to your name there is a small arrow. Click the arrow and a drop down menu will pop up and one of the tabs is "Account Manager"

    Hope this helps!


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