How do I connect to the printer?

Printing is available to members with a dedicated desk or private office.

You can find printer connection information by going to “Building Services” on the Member Network.

From a computer web browser:

  1. Log in to the Member Network
  2. Click “Building Services” in the left side menu
  3. Under Printing Information, click "Install for PC" or "Install for Mac" and an installer will download to computer.
  4. Click the downloaded installer and it will install the necessary software for you to print at WeWork. 
  5. Please see below attached document (Printer Installation Instructions) for necessary steps and troubleshooting.
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  • 0
    Edward Amaral

    Please have an IT person contact me at (617) 680-1990. Thank you.


  • 1
    Ravi Lal

    Hi the instructions do not mention that after installing you need to run the application 'PCClient' to login and print. I only found out by asking someone.

  • 0
    Li Yunyan

    How to uninstall WeWork printer?

  • 0
    Bill Janes

    Installed Printer for Mac. Please let provide access to PCClient.


  • 0
    Daniel Adigun

    Please have the IT team contact me. Building services icon is not working and I need to connect to the printer.


  • 0
    Gloria Emanuelson

    I have installed the Printer Drivers, etc. but it is still not working .. .


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