How do I partner with WeWork?

Our goal is to help highlight and support the members that make up the WeWork community. The following is a list of partnerships and opportunities vehicles available to members.  


The Lifestyle Perks Page has been designed to provide best-in-class global, national, and local service providers. As such, we've instituted mandatory policies for all partners to provide significantly discounted, below-market rates and a heightened level of effort relative to member engagement. If you are interested in becoming part of our Lifestyle Perks Page, please apply. Our Services and New Business team will review all submissions and contact you with appropriate interest.



Built entirely for WeWork Members, the Services Store is a one-stop-shop for business solutions; simplifying the process of discovering, paying for, and managing the tools used by members each day. To provide value to our vast and diverse community, we've teamed with some of the best business services across industries to provide meaningful discounts on products and a new way for members to purchase them.

Due to the significant resources required to onboard new partners, the WeWork Services team will institute a highly selective approach to potential partners. We will prioritize the most relevant services to our community alongside partners willing and able to integrate with our Services Store API.

All inquiries are being filtered through an individual application accessible here. Please advise members that response time may take up to thirty (30) days due to the high volume of inquiries following the launch.



We want to amplify your good news! If something awesome happens, please tell us about it and we can do our best to share through the appropriate channels. Examples:
  • Company or member news (e.g. major milestone, funding round, an acknowledgement by major publication/press mention, award, etc.)
  • Photos of your WeWork space, your office views, your events, etc. 
  • Note: be sure to tag us on social media so we can like your posts and follow you! @wework #wework

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Creator magazine is all about telling the stories of WeWork members, from one-person startups to larger established companies. All of our articles are also promoted through our daily newsletter and all of our social media channels. Do you have an innovative product or services, have a compelling backstory, and have collaborated with other members in new ways? 

Reach out to



For your member profile to be featured, it has to be filled out completely. That includes profile picture, bio, and at least 3 blue skills/interests tags.

For your company profile to be featured, it again has to be filled out completely. That includes profile picture, bio, and at least 3 blue company service tags. 

The profiles featured will be chosen at random by our system, and anyone who meets the above minimum requirements could be featured on the TV screens in their building.



WeWork hosts events daily, across our growing number of locations. Our events are an integral part of the WeWork experience. They are a chance for you to learn, speak, network, promote your services, celebrate, get inspired and get reinvigorated for the challenging road ahead. The common spaces in our buildings are typically only available to WeWork members. Whether they are social, company functions, or networking events. We like to ensure that all events benefit the WeWork community in some way. Typically, these events are open and free to WeWork members. 

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The Honesty Market came about as a way to provide snacks and beverages on the go and to create a platform for our members to showcase their products. Do you produce high-quality food and beverage products (including refrigerated products) that are health conscious, affordable, and easy to grab-and-go? 

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The Corner Store came about as a way to provide home essentials, food and beverages (including frozen items), and cleaning supplies to WeLive members. Do you sell high quality products that are health conscious, affordable, environmentally friendly, and easy to grab-and-go?

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