What is WeWork’s Wi-Fi policy? What is the Internet speed in the building?

The fastest Wi-Fi WeWork has to offer is through the secure WeWork Wi-Fi network. That said, the network has limited bandwidth, so all non-members and guests should use the open Wi-Fi network called WeWork Guest.


The Wi-Fi speed varies by location, but reaches up to 300 megabytes/second. Wired Internet access is also variable, but reaches up to 1,000 megabytes/second.


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    I'm currently getting 23.75 megabytes/second (190Mbps)

    Did you mean 1 Gbps not 1 GBps?

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    Jason Petersen

    Yeah, uh, I'm not sure how it's 1,000 megabytes/second unless they've got some sort of 10G install.

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